Conversations With Paul

Life is short… But until we are thrown one of life’s curveballs, most of us just don’t understand how short it actually can be.

If you or a loved one has experienced the harsh realisation that life is too short, this book is a must read to give you some of the answers you are seeking.

Our family endured watching a beloved husband; father, brother and son fight and eventually lose his battle to a terminal illness.

After being diagnosed with a rare melanoma in December 2014, Paul Bourke endured five spinal surgeries and one brain surgery to remove tumours over a 12 month period.  His treatment of radiation and immune therapy although with its own risks and side effects, gave him time with his family until his death at 61 years of age in May 2016.

This story is a journey of love, heartache, frustration and determination.  Paul fought like hell to live and unfortunately the melanoma had other ideas.

Cancer is cruel and unpredictable, does not discriminate and is relentless.  To watch your love one succumbs to this deadly disease, heartbreaking and often a very lonely experience.

Fighting a health and government system during and after Paul’s illness found Michelle frustrated and exhausted and wanting to help others facing a similar situation in a difficult and stressful time.

Paul prepared his family for life without him and Michelle prepared him for eternal life.

Paul showed great courage, strength and bravery when facing a terminal illness, his concern for others inspirational.  This is Paul’s story, his journey told by his gorgeous loving wife and eternal soul mate, Michelle.


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