Keeping a promise to her beloved husband Paul, Michelle has traveled around the world with a 5 ft 9 inch cardboard cut out of Paul on his wedding day and has completed writing the book.

The realisation that the love of your life has gone is devastating especially at a relatively young age when you had plans of growing old together and travelling the world.

When Paul was seriously ill towards the end of his life, he asked Michelle what she would do when he was gone.  Michelle told Paul that she would travel to all the places that they had planned on visiting.  Michelle explained that she would get a life size cardboard cut-out of him, pack him in her suitcase and take him out and take photos of them both at all the tourist destinations.  He didn’t believe her, but Michelle promised him she would.

Michelle was fortunate to keep that promise to Paul when in May 2017,  she booked a 9 week tour around the USA & Europe for August to October 2017.   Michelle originally booked tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert in New York and it snowballed from there.

After visiting 7 countries and travelling on the #tripofalifetime with the #mosttravelledcardboardcutout, Michelle is writing the story about her journey #travellingwithcardboardpaul – keeping promises whilst travelling around the world and the amazing personal changes that came.

In May 2018 they both enjoyed a 10 day break in Phuket Thailand, where cardboard Paul enjoyed sitting beside the pool and watching sunsets with Michelle.  Cardboard Paul is now a little worse from wear and tear plus travelling around the world, that Michelle needs to replace him with a new cardboard cut out.

Cardboard Paul will be heading overseas again in August 2019 travelling back to Edinburgh and the British Isles and not forgetting the return to the place they both loved to visit, Paris.

The book is now available now via Michelle’s book shop or Amazon


travelling with cardboard Paul front cover

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