Mothers Day

I am extremely proud of my children who have grown up to be outstanding, respectful, resilient and successful adults.  I think that Paul and I must have done something right in raising them.

When Paul and I came together, we became an instant family and I became step mum to two boys who were reasonably young at the time.  After our marriage we started our own family and had another son and then two years later, our long awaited daughter.

Our little family was complete and happy no matter what was thrown at us, we were an awesome dynamic unit.

As the years have gone by, I am very happy that all the kids have come together and become close over the years, backing and supporting each other no matter what.  They know that they can call upon each other if they need anything and they often do.

As a single mum now, I am fortunate that both my children are adults although they both still live at home.

During Paul’s illness all of the kids were amazing and supportive especially Sarah our daughter who was my rock when we were at our lowest and darkest moments.

I am blessed that I have an open and honest relationship with all the kids and we have some great conversations and they can ask me anything.  We are still a close and tight family unit as family was extremely important to Paul and that still remains intact.

For me I am one lucky mum who has four beautiful kids and one step grandson.  Paul’s legacy continues in all the kids; his love of photography through Matthew, his passion for cars and racing through Garry, his love of wheeling and dealing through Brendan, and his passion for mentoring and teaching through Sarah.  And most of all his positive outlook and passion for life through me.

I am truly blessed and proud to be called mum.

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